About Wendy Mogel PhD

Dr. Wendy Mogel is a practicing clinical psychologist, New York Times best selling author and international public speaker.

In more than five hundred talks she’s addressed diverse audiences including non-English speaking Chinese business women in Beijing, youth leaders at the (Buddhist) Vajrayana Institute in Sydney, the staff of the New York Times, Baptist clergy, rabbinic students, and the graduating class of the Claremont Colleges at their interfaith baccalaureate ceremony.

She was once on a program with President Barack Obama, once with the Dalai Lama and once with circus performers.

Currently she serves on the scientific advisory board of Parents Magazine and is a research and policy advisor for Challenge Success—a child advocacy program of the Stanford University School of Education.

Dr. Mogel is a frequent guest expert on national media. She weighs in issues of the day—from talking to kids about death to embracing the chaos of messy rooms—and on the topic for which she is best known: the protection and promotion of self-reliance, resilience, accountability and exuberance.

In a starred review Publisher’s Weekly described her perennial bestseller, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, as, “Impassioned, lyrical and eminently practical—a real treasure.”

Critical praise for her book about raising teenagers, The Blessing of a B Minus, emphasized its wit, wisdom, compassion and common sense.

Both books are popular in their Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese editions.

Her new book, Voice Lessons for Parents: What to Say, How to Say It, and When to Listen, will be released in April. In it she offers guidance for communicating with children across the expanse of childhood and adolescence and explains the most effective ways to talk about your child to teachers, coaches, nannies and caretakers, grandparents, partners and your ex.